On a visit to South America, we happened upon a small family company hand weaving the most exotic bungee cords we'd ever seen from recycled
automotive tire tubes (yep they still use 'em down there). On impulse, we bought a bunch of 'em for gifts. Friends loved them... One thing led to another and,
voila!, Earthstrap products was born. Our cargo nets are a design our manufacturing family perfected and then we further refined specifically for your
application. Enjoy your Earthstrap knowing you're helping families and communities tremendously with your purchase AND you're helping keep a beautiful
environment precious. Thank you from all of us!   Look forward to seeing you on the road...
email: info@earthstraps.com
phone: (805) 459 - 0613 • earthstrap™ products, 242 cuyama, shell beach, ca 93449 usa
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