The CRUZADA (Model 108) is our
smaller of two cargo nets designed for
securing loads on tops of vehicles with
luggage rack systems or roof baskets.
The -108 also is perfect for securing
loads in the rear (interior) of many
SUV's equipped with "d rings" or cleats.

The Cruzada has four symmetrical
interwoven elastic lengths forming a
"tic tac toe" pattern. Each length-end
has a 1-3/8" radius coated metal hook
for a total of 8 hooks per net. In a
relaxed position, the Cruzada
measures approximately 24" x 24"
square and is capable of stretching to
an area of over 60" x 60" square.

The Cruzada's materials of
construction enable the elastic lengths
to form around load surfaces without
marring and carry enough tension to
secure most cargoes. The Cruzada is
the perfect solution for smaller rack or
basket systems and SUV interiors
carrying a wide variety of loads.
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