The Ultra Pro Tie-Off is the perfect
mate for securing your Earthstrap in
the back of your pickup truck.  The Ultra
Pro clamps to the lip of your truck bed
providing an instant tie-off with no
drilling, cutting, or splicing.  

Steel eye-bolt and aluminum body
construction makes the Ultra Pro
Tie-Off durable and lightweight for
years of reliable use.

Coated surfacing on clamp side
prevents scratching your paint or
plastic.  Perfect for most Toyota, Ford,
Nissan, Mazda, GM,  Dodge, and
Chevy trucks.

Two per pack...  Order with your
Seguro cargo net today!
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Ultra Pro Tie Off - EarthStrap™Cargo Nets ~ durable cargo nets handmade from recycled materials ~
Strap Your Stuff...!
$15 Each
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Scratch Preventive Surfacing!
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